Early last year, even before the pandemic started, the real estate market was leaning towards buyers in many areas, including our own, the West Island of Montréal... There were already far fewer properties for sale than active buyers...  

In March, the pandemic and its restrictions set in, causing a wave of uncertainty, and many owners who were thinking of selling postponed their plans... Currently, properties for sale are scarce... and interest rates are low (to foster economic recovery)... buyers are numerous and sellers can afford to impose their terms. Sales take place rapidly.

Some buyers are wondering... and asking themselves if, in these conditions, it is not better to postpone the purchase and wait until things calm down a little... but when will it calm down?

Over the course of my 21 years of practice, I have come to understand that waiting often means paying even more! Modern history shows us that an investment in real estate has never disappointed, in the medium and long term... and since one must have a place where to live, for a tenant, delaying a purchase means continuing to enrich the landlord...!

If you are thinking of selling to take advantage of this outstanding market, entrust this transaction to a broker who has the necessary experience. A broker who will help you set a realistic price in order to generate enough visits and allow you to conclude an interesting transaction under acceptable and safe conditions for all involved.

If you want to buy, be ready to act quickly when you see an interesting property. Get a broker who knows the market and who is equipped to advise you in order to get the best deal. Have your mortgage pre-approval in hand and be available for visits, which are often quick and according to a predetermined schedule.

After more than 21 years of assisting my clients and having completed several hundred transactions, I can help you sell or buy. 

I live on Île Bizard for over 30 years now, and I know the West Island and its attractions... If you have real estate projects in mind... let's talk!