Are you feeling good at home?


This pandemic has changed our lives and forced us to revisit our habits and priorities. And some of the changes that we are experiencing will likely continue.

Now that employers and employees have discovered the virtues of teleworking, it's quite likely that many will make it a more regular practice in the future. Consequently, it will not be so important that one's home be near the workplace or the main roads enabling commuting. However, it will become a requirement to dispose of an additional room to be transformed into a pleasant and functional office space in order to work comfortably from home.

For many, spending more time at home created a need for space as well as a taste for gardening and the outdoors. Suddenly, the condominium became too small to entertain friends and family and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Some now feel like having a small garden or a larger yard…

Life is made of changes. We need to constantly adapt, and it should be the same with respect to our living environments. In a time of pandemics or under ordinary conditions, couples are made or broken, families grow or shrink in response to births and departures, some families are large and some small, and we must adjust our way of life due to aging and changes in our physical fitness and needs.

All types of homes, all living environments offer investment opportunities and features that can accommodate our various tastes and needs. Feeling good at home is a prerequisite of happiness. And it's not only a matter of walls, floors and square feet… It's also a matter of light, of proximity to services or people we care about, of an engaging neighbourhood, of a living environment that reflects who we are.

Supporting my clients and helping them feel good at home, that's what makes my work
as a real estate broker exciting and gratifying. Enabling my clients to benefit from my
20-year experience to achieve their dreams and investment targets, that's what allows me to continue… with pleasure!

Your property might be worth more than you think!
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