Beyond the figures…


A real estate property is a financial asset as well as a major investment.

But that house or apartment where you live often means much more

The broker evaluating your property will use comparables, statistics, various reports… but he will also need to understand that, for you, that home also represents something else…

Memories are associated to it… There have been parties, visits from friends, departures, arrivals, births and childhoods, laughs, joys and sorrows… That residence was perhaps your first purchase; or the family house bought from your parents; or it might be that you must leave the house where you spent four decades after the death of your loved one… perhaps also after a separation or illness that forces you to sell…

Some sales are heartbreaking, and many emotions come into play. Life may take us on a different path but the past is still very present – filled with pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories related to that house or apartment where these memories were created.

The real estate broker who will guide you through the sale process should show empathy and understanding. In order to make the transaction a pleasant experience, she/he will need to respect and assist you so that you can detach yourself from your emotions and make the required rational decisions.

Although the feelings that you will experience are important, they must not influence the economic value of a real property. A good transaction should be completed at the right market price and with due respect for both the seller and buyer.

​It should be borne in mind that the buyer gives an economic value

to a property… rather than to the memories attached to it.

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