Moving in 2020


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 There are dozens of reasons for moving: an investment project, a new job, new family circumstances, children growing up or leaving the nest, considering a new lifestyle, a specific health condition creating new needs or… simply an appetite for change!

A person of experience can help you review your projects. Call me! The numerous real estate transactions that I completed enabled me to meet hundreds of clients living many different situations. As we discuss your tastes and needs, we will ensure that the change you plan improves your quality of life.

If you let him guide you, your real estate broker can be an outstanding pilot who will make it much easier for you to make it happen! He can connect you with a mortgage broker or a financial planner so that you can first determine if your dream can come true. Once it's done all you will have to do is to put your property for sale and look for a new home.

This seems to you like a daunting prospect? Yet this can be a pleasant and positive experience with the help of someone who has completed several hundred real estate transactions over 20 years and who is familiar with the market and the different steps involved.

Together, let's make your dream happen! 

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