Preparing the "After"


The present situation is certainly unpleasant. 

But we will become victorious one day…

When? Nobody can predict!

Everyone agrees that our future life will likely be different.

For the time being, health is our top priority. 

In the next weeks or months, we will have to deal with the consequences of the present crisis and adapt.

 Life will resume… some of us will return to work while others will be less fortunate. 

Will we face a recession? What will be the employment situation? 

We were enjoying prosperity and full employment… will it be the same?

One thing is certain : we will always need a home that meets our needs with respect to space and our financial reality. 

This forced pause might enable some to readjust their priorities and initiate changes to their way of life. 

For various reasons, there will always be people who will need to sell their property and others who will want to purchase a property.

 A home larger or smaller, at a lower cost or more luxurious, closer to services or farther away, an apartment or a condo… 

Our needs and desires change, as do our financial capacities. 

We are forced to put our projects on hold… we might have to postpone them or to change course. 

And for many of us there is plenty of time to reflect on it!

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​Why wait?
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