Should we sell? Should we buy?


The market is shifting to the buyers' side; property values are going to drop; the economy will soon be in recession; in a few months there will be opportunities to seize... Are those statements urban legends or realistic?

What is the impact of interest rates on buyers' intentions? What can sellers expect? Will we have to negotiate? How can we find our way around, how can we put all the chances on our side and make the most of the situation?

Regardless of the current economic context, we all need to find housing to meet our needs and those of our family members, while taking into account our financial capacity. What type of housing should you choose, a condominium, a single home or another? To what extent will the desired location allow you to consolidate the value of your investment?

In summary, it's complicated... all questions are good and all concerns are worth being analyzed.

It's not just about buying a property, it's about buying the right property that will meet your needs and that will represent the best possible investment in the medium or long term...

 If you have to sell, what strategy should you use to maximize your gains?

I've been helping buyers and sellers for over 22 years, despite the economic cycles we've experienced and... for those 22 years, the real estate market has always offered good investment opportunities. If you are thinking of buying or selling, let me help you. Call me at 514-626-9009.

The law of supply and demand... Sound familiar?
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