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Your mind was made up: you wanted to sell and/or buy in 2020… It had been well thought out, and you were looking forward to moving into a warm and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones… And then came late March and the lockdown… 

You had sufficient time to ponder everything and give some serious thought to the situation. Of course, there are many uncertainties at this time but, in many cases, the reasons that lead you to consider a change of property style or living environment still remain. Furthermore, investing wisely in real estate has always been an excellent way to increase one's wealth.

Now that we must learn to live with that virus by taking steps to minimize the health risks for ourselves and others, it's possible to achieve your project. The real estate world had to adjust, and precautions are taken: the use of electronic tools is preferred, all people involved (real estate brokers, photographers, land surveyors, notaries) show caution, the visits are limited to a single potential buyer at a time, the hygiene guidelines provided by the public health authorities are followed, a medical condition form is completed before each visit, and it is forbidden to touch any surface and to use any restroom during a visit…

Beyond alarmist predictions, we are still in a seller's market, prices remain stable, interest rates are low, and there are prospective buyers on the lookout and properties on the market…

Life goes on and we need to take care of our financial health and our comfort. 

Living in a place we like and that meets our needs is important for our well-seing. 

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