There are times in life…


Regardless of the situation, be it favorable or not, 

there are times in life when you have to take action...

Whether it be to gain more comfort and space. Be it to leave a home now too big to live in an apartment with less maintenance and hassle. Whether it is for being closer to a new workplace or making room for new family members. Be it that health issues make the maintenance and/or concerns related to a house overly burdensome. Whether it be that you dream of fresh air and greenery or that with retirement comes the need for a new lifestyle. Be it that you want to get closer to your loved ones… in order to preserve your quality of life and mental health. Whatever the reason, you must make the right move when time comes, and change things!

But waiting to carry out your projects is not always beneficial. Many times, once the project is defined, it serves no purpose to put it on hold. Despite the COVID, despite a potential recession, despite the possibility of a ''real estate bubble'', when the fruit is ripe it's time to act!

But then, when it's time to initiate the process, you feel somewhat dizzy… Where do I start? What document do I need? Who should I call? What will be the costs? To get ahead of the game, to make things easier, to avoid worries and problems, call me. During my 21 years of experience as a real estate broker, I helped more than a thousand clients to improve their quality of life by acquiring the property that meets their needs and aspirations!

And… until June 30, 2021, if you entrust me with the sale of your property, I will donate 10% of my commission to a local charitable organization of your choice! 

You are due for a change? Make it happen in 2021!

Let’s help our community together