Time is money!

HOUSEDECOR2b Add value to your property

Time is money!

If there is anything that many of us have plenty of in this special period, it's certainly time.

Why not use this time to add value to your property?

When you will decide to put it for sale it will be more attractive, and you will find a buyer faster and sell at a better price.

Tidying up, decluttering, painting, decorating… All this is possible without necessarily being overly expensive. Repainting a room to freshen it up and taking the opportunity to give it a more contemporary look, reconfiguring the furniture, or setting the room in order to make it look larger or brighter… Repainting the kitchen cupboards to bring them up to date, adding an eye‑catching backsplash… Refreshing the bathroom by redoing the seal around the bathtub or the grout of the ceramic tiles… Sorting through what has been piling up here and there in an apartment and discarding what has no further use… Moving some light fixtures to add some atmosphere and light to the somewhat darker rooms… Repainting a faded window frame or the entrance door… Staining a wood deck, raking the lawn, adding some soil and planting a few flowers… All this is easy, affordable and could pay off!

Browse the web or watch the home decoration and improvement TV shows. Gather inspiration from free advice about colour selection or tips for beautifying your home. It does not have to be complicated, and it could make a huge difference when a prospective buyer visits your property. To become a buyer, a visitor must feel at home…

If your house or condo is pleasant to visit, the magic will work!

Take action!
​Why wait?