​Why wait?


Some people agree that the real estate market will bounce back strongly once the "norma" brokerage operations will resume. 

Be prepared to reap the benefits!

Selling or purchasing a property is a major decision that requires careful consideration. Why not take advantage of the present situation to initiate steps and reflect in order to make the right decisions? 

A real estate broker – whose services are not considered essential by the government with respect to the present epidemic – must avoid close contact with clients. Nevertheless the modern means of communication enable the broker to get in contact with his/her clients, to provide them with some valuable guidance, to help them pinpoint their needs, to evaluate fairly accurately the market value of their properties and to suggest some ways of facilitating a sale, and even to conduct virtual tours of some properties put for sale. And a pre‑authorized mortgage can very well be obtained remotely.

It is also allowed to sell and/or purchase a property under certain conditions. If you put your property for sale today you could ensure a good visibility at a time when potential buyers have much free time to visit Centris and other real estate websites to shop around. If you present a promise of purchase now, while setting specific conditions, it could enable you to buy a property of interest while avoiding the congestion and overbidding that characterize an active market.

By initiating the process,in an entirely lawful way, you will be ready when the time comes.

So why wait to share ideas, to get information, to ask… to set the stage for what tomorrow will be! 

Call me today!

Time is money!
Preparing the "After"