Selling? Yes…


You want to sell your property... nothing is easier these days! 

Doing it well and at the best possible price... that's another story! 

But first, why do you want to sell? What are your plans? What will you do next? Don't let yourself be blinded by the lure of an easy profit, it could be a miscalculation!

Buying a property that you like and is in good condition, in an interesting neighborhood, and making a profitable purchase transaction from all points of view is a major challenge at the present time. Houses or condos, the inventory is low, and even very low in some places. The market we are experiencing is a sellers' market as it has never been before; the sellers can ask what they want, or almost... the demand being so strong in some markets.

Sellers who do not have to buy will be able to cash in on a more than attractive profit. Those who can financially afford to buy before selling their current property or those who do not have to sell a property (who are renting or otherwise) are in an ideal situation; they will be able to visit and buy what they want and then sell. Those who have to sell before they can buy a new home are in a more delicate situation... unless they have a plan B if they can't find the property they are looking for...

Although it is more difficult, there is still a way to make good purchases but you have to be well prepared, fast, competitive and, above all, properly coached and guided.

As a real estate broker, I make it my duty to advise my clients well, 

taking into account the context, their financial capacity, their objectives 

and their dreams. For me, accompanying a client is much more than 

making a quick and easy sale!

You have plans… let's talk!

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