Your property might be worth more than you think!


Some would say that the stars are aligned… Let's say that, at this time, everything fits to enable sellers to gather the winning conditions…

Low mortgage interest rates, very few properties on the market, buyers ready to take action… we are undoubtedly in a sellers' market.

Before the general lockdown of last March, the real estate market was already running in full swing, prices were rising and sales were closing fast. This tendency was confirmed when business recovered and furthermore, the pandemic changed everyone's priorities and gave rise to new needs.

An appetite for the outdoors and for owning one's own green space accentuates the exodus to the suburbs. Teleworking changed living habits, and this seems to be lasting… Whereas only a few months ago it seemed important to live close to the workplace, some now prefer living farther away from the city centre and enjoying more space. Moreover, being able to work from the comfort of home is now a selection criterion of many buyers.

You feel like you are due for a change and you have been playing for a few months with the idea of selling? It's high time that you act and take advantage of that tremendous market… A realistic price aligned with that we are going through now, good marketing, an experienced real estate broker who gets the most of the offers received… and there it is!

Make the best out of your investments in real estate, sell while the market is best for you! Call me now for a free valuation of your property.

Beyond the figures…
Are you feeling good at home?